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Bagpiper for funerals


The sight and sound of a bagpiper playing traditional highland tunes can help to uplift the spirit and touch the hearts of everyone involved. Silver Glen Piper has performed at many of these occasions and knows how to help guide you through what is required.

But playing bagpipes at a funeral requires levels of professionalism and dignity; silver glen prides its self on this. Arranging a funeral is not an easy thing, Silver Glen Piper has had years of experience and has built up a professional relationship with funeral directors, churches and celebrant. To ensure that the service goes smoothly and with dignity.

Uniform for these services tends to be less extravagant, in light of the situation a more modest uniform is worn. As with all events, smartness and turnout are a priority

Traditionally the piper would play as mourners arrive, play the coffin to the grave or into the crematorium, then play a few tunes as friends and family leave. I am happy to discuss any ideas that you have and I would be happy to fulfil them. if you are not sure about what music should/could be played, I have recordings available on SoundCloud. Which are free to listen to by anyone

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My traditional service

  • Pipe for arrival of Guests
  • Pipe the coffin from the Church/Crematorium
  • Play the coffin from the hearse to the graveside
  • Pipe the coffin as it is lowered into the grave
  •  As people leave they will be moved with the hauntingly beautiful echo of the bagpipes



This traditional service may not be for everyone. If you would like something else I am happy to discuss your exact requirements.

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